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anyone got a nice apartment (in nyc) that i can use to do product shots for a magazine? anyone? anyone? yeah, didn't think so. . .



okay, more DFA. i was introduced to Pixeltan when i became friends with the drummer from Black Dice, who was also in Pixeltan. i liked Black Dice, but i REALLY liked Pixeltan. they have now gone on to become Plate Tectonics with a different drummer. when i met with DFA about a year ago, they played some unreleased Pixeltan tracks they had. apparently they had really wanted to put it out, but Devin wasn't quite comfortable with it. . . yet. word is that Pixeltan is back and up to something (like a new 12"). This song is a DFA remix of two Pixeltan tracks. Plate Tectonics is one of the few bands that i actually still feel bad about missing their live shows. they are that good. so enjoy this, and if you like it definitely pick up the Pixeltan album.

• Pixeltan - Get Up-Say What

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