rude, red, white, and blue. . .


damn. . . i am tired. worked a half-day and then had a rushed photo shoot all afternoon-evening. . . THEN went to see a "classical" concert up at lincoln center. . . THEN drove down to 14th st. for a friend's boss' birthday party. where (of course) i ran into an ex, of the not-speaking-or-acknowledging-your-existence variety. yeah, i don't think dating models is for me.



I'm too damn tired to give you a long one on this. . . let's just say hot dub with a killer Cure sample. good enough for you? it should be. oh yeah.

• Cecile - Rude Bwoy Thug Life

to make up for this lackluster post, here's some new tracks from the demo by brooklyn-haired Soft (the band).

• Soft - Droppin
• Soft - You Make Me Want To Die

definitely a bit of a mixed bag today.

buy music, especially independent.

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