pure rock and dirty dance floors


so i went to see Dead Moon play last night. they are just amazing. that's all there is to it. amazing. they played even better than the last time i saw them. always full of that just-rock-and-never-stop (i'm still kicking myself for not catching that documentary made about them when it came through during the New York Underground Film Festival).
i even passed up another infamous Black Label party for this show. and no offense to BL, but it was still worth it. i went and checked out the BL digs afterward, it was another crazy dance party with an enormous rooftop chill area. saw a lot of good kids, and it was still going strong when i left at 4 am. all i can say is that any djs that can keep a dirty warehouse dance floor FULL for SIX HOURS should get a medal or something. at least a no-strings-attached blow-job. damn.



these are some tracks from a live Dead Moon album, they seemed appropriate since i just saw them live. the first song "It's Okay" has been, and i think always will be, one of the greatest songs ever. it's been over half a decade since i first heard it and it hasn't tarnished one little bit. it's just a solid, optimistic, put-a-smile-on-your-face song. the second track is my other favorite. . . and that's all i need to say. i also picked these two to try and cheer up a friend who is having a rough one today. hope they help, lvfx.

Dead Moon - It's Okay

Dead Moon - Play With Fire

buy music, especially indpendent.

oh yeah, and anyone got any tips/advice where to get some mp3 hosting? still listen'. . .

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