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i came home after helping a friend with a photo shoot last night and my roommate was watching this movie "Dogville" by Lars von Trier. it was interesting, if not somewhat predictable. the discussions some of the characters had were really interesting. . . BUT what the hell was with the closing credits??? does anyone know anything about why he chose to use those pictures and song? i mean i can see the connection, poor people, americans, everyday person, etc. . . but still. is he saying that all poor people are evil?



this track is from the new William Shatner album, which he did with Ben Folds. it comes out any day if it hasn't already. now i am a huge sucker for covers, especially interesting and good ones. and this one is exactly what i am talking about. Shatner did some pretty wacky covers on an album he put out called "The Transformed Man." these were later combined with songs from another album by Leonard Nimoy and released as "Spaced Out" (1968). "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" is probably the best Shatner track off of that (sometimes frightening) gem. The (genuine) drug-induced nature of it is pretty great, especially the maniacal screaming at the end. however Nimoy stole the show with a music video he shot for a (presumably?) original track "The Ballad Bilbo Baggins." remember, this was back in 1968. . . trippy was in, and no matter how hard he tried, Nimoy never was anything remotely "groovy." so imagine your high school science teacher singing about a hobbit with girls in go-go outfits doing choreography around him while he smiles and tries to look like he doesn't have a pole up his ass. yeah. that good.

• William Shatner - Common People

you can download the "Bilbo Baggins" video here:
The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins

buy music, especially indpendent.

oh yeah, and anyone got any tips/advice where to get some mp3 hosting? i'm still listenin'. . .

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  1. hey, i love your photograph work...
    about your comment on dogville I tough (sorry my bad english, Im from brazil) you were pretty naive (?). Maybe cause youre american. The things he´s (von trier) trying to say are that cliche things like "your promessed land is fake were not gonna be happy and fair", he sees US as dogville, a DOG´S country witch will use peaple outside, not in such a direct way, anyways, he´s always attacking american culture and not poor peaple... maybe the poor peaple are victims aswell. so young americans, the song. it´s really political, and kind of obvious but in a master´s way.
    I have nothing against us, my sister lives there... but honestly, this is not a fair world... and sometimes I feel like you are not able to think things in a bigger way, in a world´s way(like me, from brazil), you just see things from you american eyes and things that are obvious to anyone are not to you.