haunted house of the jealous lovers


weekend of hard work. chain-saws, roto-tillers, pitchforks, drills, sledgehammers, shovels, rakes. . . and it rained occasionally. it was great being back home. i had forgotten how beautiful the fall leaves can be. drove back to nyc yesterday. only got lost once, on foot. i was trying to get to this abandoned house out in the woods off the highway. there wasn't any sort of path, so it required some trailblazing (sans machete) through muddy patches with thorny vines everywhere. the only potentially dangerous part was crossing some seriously polluted streams on sketchy rotting branches. and when i eventually got there, it was one of those "hey, this is exactly like in that one horror movie. it even looks the same too! wow, that`s a crazy coinciden... . . okay i think i should leave now" moments.

word on the street in cleveland is that the Hella performance at pianos over the weekend was amazing shit. that's pretty good if your show is being talked about three states away, the same weekend it happened.

oh yeah, and this made my day. . . thank you to mr. catchdubs.



it's time for some DFA. The Rapture are definitely the biggest DFA band. i remember seeing them for the first time at brownies, or the cooler (not sure which was first) and being blown away. i'm pretty sure they had a different line-up back then. This track isn't really all that much of a rarity, but it's not on an album either. it is currently being re-released on the new DFA comp. pick it up if for nothing else than the pixeltan tracks. (gee, i wonder what i'm going to post tomorrow)

• The Rapture - Alabama Sunshine (House of Jealous Lovers b-side)

buy music, especially independent.

oh yeah, and anyone got any tips/advice where to get some mp3 hosting?

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