blood is the new black. . .


weekend was good. hung wallpaper, helped a friend with a photo shoot at union square, went to a rad art opening at KCDC, sold my clothes on the sidewalk in bushwick, did a photo shoot for the upcoming Stache Riders calendar. . . can't wait for this weekend. it's gonna be bananas. . . Bike Kill alone is enough to keep you up at night with anticipation. . . but an xbxrx show too??? and the halloween critical mass on friday. . . damn, son. . . sorry if the posts are sporadic this week, but there is a lot of prep to be done, especially for thursday's mural project.



Not trying to save the world today. i've been slacking pretty hard on my past-due cover song compilations. . . not to mention a few mix cds owed to some friendly canadians. . . so today's somewhat-related post is a little ditty done by Death Cab For Cutie called "All Is Full of Love." originally coming from lil' miss Bjork, who once did this video where she explains to the audience how the inside of a television looks just like a little city full of little people. any further description wouldn't do nearly the justice necessary to allow me to go on. i'd give you more info on where to find it, if i knew. . . yeah i know, sucks.

• Death Cab For Cutie - All Is Full Of Love

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