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went to some openings friday night. i was psyched when i saw that juxtapoz show the other week, BUT it got trumped by the show up at Riviera Gallery (103 Metropolitan Ave. Between Berry and Wythe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY). the exhibition is a small group show of all illustrators. maybe i am just a sucker for narrative in art (oh wait, i am). . . but the shit was great. i was especially impressed with the work by (both well known) Rachel Salomon (see image above) and Camille Rose Garcia. Jeff Soto also had some fun ones too. if you make it out to only one show this fall, make it this one, its just a short stroll from the bedford stop on the L train.



this is from the mix cd Panthers gave out at their cd release party (since they didn't have any actual copies of their new album). my roommate had told me about Hawkwind before. he and a friend had stumbled across some really amazing radio station while crossing through the south-east US a while ago. a weird but perfect combo of OLD classic rock, blues, jazz, and even some bluegrass. one of the tracks that really caught them was by Hawkwind. so when they got back to nyc, he dug up an album of theirs. turns out that Hawkwind is one of the backbones of the heavy metal scene in the UK from back in the 60s. they have something like 30 cds out. This particular track was picked from the Panthers cd, but its also my favorite Hawkwind song (so far).

• Hawkwind - Down Through The Night (8.5 MB)

buy music, especially indpendent.

oh yeah, and anyone got any tips/advice where to get some mp3 hosting? does yousendit.com still work?

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