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okay, so go see the hole-in-the-ground from whence this has sprung:

the original sucka_pants

and your first MP3:

this is a track off the latest cloud cult album. now i know there are a lot of Bush "mash-ups" out there, or re-editing to make him say funny things (like the one where he sings U2's "sunday bloody sunday", that's a gem), and they are all good and fine. . .
BUT this one takes it. seamless, unnerving, slightly weird and funny, with a killer accompaniment in the background. its so good, you could almost say it is the reason i even set this thing up. there's a link to the band's website along with the mp3 below. go check it out.

Cloud Cult - State of the Union

buy music, especially indpendent.

oh yeah, and anyone got any tips/advice where to get mp3 hosting?

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